7 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Dote on your cat. Having a good relationship with their owner is crucial to a cat’s well-being, so do spend time with them, pet them, and show affection to them. Where it comes to discipline, opt for prevention rather than punishing them for unacceptable behavior: harsh discipline can make a cat skittish around humans. For instance, make sure to keep their litter boxes clean and have scratching posts available for them — this will prevent quite a lot of unwanted behavior.

Get to know your cat and pay attention to it. If you listen to it or watch its behavior on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to tell what its needs are. For instance, different sorts of meows carry different meanings (I kid you not) — one type of meow can indicate pleasure, while another type of meow can indicate fear or irritation. And, just like human beings, body language can also tell you quite a bit!

Make sure they have entertainment. Cats are independent creatures and can be left to themselves quite well, but do make sure that they have toys and other things to play with to entertain themselves. Toys can be purchased easily at any pet store, but wadded up newspaper or a paper bag would also do fine. Plus, music helps: classical music relaxes them, but talk shows or radio channels help them to feel as though someone is at home.

Give them access to nature. Cats usually don’t do well when cooped indoors all day; their natural instincts are to hunt, stalk prey, and soak in the sun. If you live in an urban environment and letting them outdoors isn’t such a good idea, then making sure they have access to the windows would be an alternative. That way, they can take in the sights, keep a watchful eye on those pesky birds, and get their daily dose of sunlight.

Keep your cat healthy. Make sure your cat gets its regular vaccinations, and have it spayed or neutered if it hasn’t already gone through this in the adoption process. Regular flea and worm treatments are essential as well, especially if your cat tends to wander around outdoors and has the potential to pick up these pesky bugs.

Make sure the litter box gets cleaned regularly. Cats are very clean creatures, and having a dirty litter box to come back to isn’t a pleasant experience for them! Just like human beings, they appreciate a nice, clean toilet as much as we do. Of course, this will also prevent them from depositing their doo-doo in less appropriate places in your home.

Play with your cat regularly — or provide a playmate! Spending time each day playing with your cat helps to develop their connection with you, and connected cats are happy cats. That said, if you’re not home most of the time, consider getting a second cat so they can keep each other company. Consult a pet store or pet expert to see which type of cat would be best as a second pet.

And how do you tell if your cat is happy? Take a look at the video below